Lawyer Telephony

Advokat telefoni

Advokat telefoni

Get a phone solution tailored to law firms and meet the requirements of the law firm industry. With COMTALK's Hosted Lawyer telephony system, you'll be able to setup your call flow to your exact needs, so that you can provide the best service and experience for your clients and employees.

In the case that you need to close down your incoming phones for the day, or in a set amount of time during holidays periods, it is incredibly easy to enroll messages that are automatically played during certain periods of your choice.

  • Private queue feature
  • Intelligent voicemail
  • Clear sound with WiFi-calling
  • Individual opening hours
  • Private meeting phone

Private meeting phone

Get your own conference phone where the lawyer can hold private, password-protected meetings. You can set up as many conference telephones as you need and assign them a telephone number if you want people "from outside" to be able to attend the telephone conference.

All external participants call general. Danish tariff when they participate.

You choose whether the meeting should be password protected, as well as whether to record the meeting or not.

Highlighted features:

  • Automatic holiday message, at meeting or holiday
  • Personal or shared voicemail
  • Queue function, with waiting music, and "call-back" service.
  • Direct call forwarding from mobile (blind & attended call forwarding)
  • IVR menu selection
  • Live statistics
  • Private conference / meeting phone

Hosted PBX for Lawyers

When you choose a Hosted phone solution from COMTALK, you can safely concentrate on your core business, and leave the telephony and operation of this to us. You know exactly what it costs each month, without expensive surprises in terms of service, maintenance, licenses, etc.

Service and Support are also included in all of our agreements, if you or your employee need assistance, you can always contact us at mail, phone or chat.

When you have a Hosted solution it can always be scaled to more or fewer employees on an ongoing basis. You have a fixed price each month, as well as one price per user. No extra costs or surcharges!

If you want to have even more freedom with your phone solution, you can combine it with your mobile phones. When you put together a telephone system at COMTALK, you can leave the mobile phones as a fixed part of the solution and keep all the known functions from an IP phone.

Read more about a Hosted Cloud PBX here.