Business Internet

Business Internet through COMTALK

The amount of data on broadband and Business Internet has multiplied in recent years, and developments do not appear to change in the future, so the Business Internet has also become a fixed part of our working life and a nerveline for many companies' survival, where products, service and customer inquiries to a greater extent have been digitized.

If there is the slightest error on your connection, it will immediately affect you and your company - This is why, we provide stable business internet with a uptime of 99.9% of the time - should you happen to have the need for onsite support, we will provide a technician within 8 hours.

Do you need a stable internet connection on the go? - We offer a wide variety of products Mobile broadband.

Erhvervs Internet

Should you wish to extend the service agreement with a faster service agreement, then this is of course also possible.

With COMTALK's Fiber connection, you will always get:

  • Onsite technician within 8 hours.
  • 1 Fixed DHCP IP address
  • Guaranteed minimum spped

Contact us, if you would like to hear more about COMTALKs Fiber connection.