How do I choose the right headset?

There is a myriad of headsets on the market, and every supplier specializes in their own area, so it is not always easy to move out into the jungle when you have to find the model that suits you best.

When choosing your headset, it is quite certain that you need to know to what extent you need it for and for what. By far the majority of headsets have the opportunity to connect to an IP phone, but not everyone has the oppportunity to connect to, as an example: mobile phones or a desktop computer.

Below, we have highlighted those that we without a doubt can recommend to use with our PBX systems and IP-phones, common for these is:

  • Good sound quality
  • Great battery life
  • Low weight
  • Reasonable prices

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us, and we will happily help you find the one that meets your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +45 6990 6900 or writing to us via the website.