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Why make your Hosted IP Telephony solution troublesome, when it can be done qute simply. At COMTALK we have developed a telephone system that is easily accessible on the surface with all the basic functions at hand – easy to access.

To make things even easier for you, we have assembled it all in our PBXCLOUD

– in other words, you can kick back and let us handle the operation and security –

We live up to the strictest requirements in the area!

With PBXCLOUD you make it all a little easier for yourself, in addition to the concerns about operations, you also always have access to your phone system, no matter where in the world you may be.

With your personal login, you are able to view, change and create things like: queue groups, menus, holiday messages etc.

All actions have an immediate action on your telephone system.

Erhvervstelefoni PBX Hosted PBX

Mobile and IP Telephony

Gather all your telephony in one singular system with a HOSTED PBX – PBXCLOUD from COMTALK. No matter how many phone numbers, FAX numbers, IP Phones and mobile phones you have, it can all be put together in the same system, and it will receive all the features an IP phone has - also on your mobile phone.

If your business had several main numbers or queue groups, you are able to easily sign out and sign in from/to the individual groups, directly on your mobile phone.

Just as it is also possible to set automatic opening hours, you can also open and close the phones with a single command directly from the mobile or IP phone.

omstilling med erhvervstelefoni Hosted PBX

Mobile call forwarding – Transfer a call directly from your mobile phone

ferie omstilling med erhvervstelefoni Hosted PBX

Holiday message – Plan your vacation and holiday messages, and have a custom message or action for your calls during this period.

omstilling erhvervstelefoni

Call flow – Compose your own call flow for each number or combine them across users.

Viderestilling erhvervstelefoni

Call forwarding – Forward your calls to a cell phone, queue group, or point it another direction in your phone system. Activate these directly on your mobile phone.

graf erhvervstelefoni

Statistics– Get an online live statistic for all your calls, users, queue groups, IVR menus, etc.

fax erhvervstelefoni

FAX – Receive and send your faxes directly with PBXCLOUD. Create an e-mail and send your fax in just a few clicks.

optagelse erhvervstelefoni

Recordings – Record your conversations with both incoming and outgoing audio; listen or download them directly from your Hosted PBX – PBXCLOUD.

erhvervstelefoni voicemail

Voicemail – Link the same voicemail to your mobile and IP phones, or share your voicemail with others.

Erhvervstelefoni Hosted PBX mobil

Mobile access – Direct mobile access to your entire Hosted PBX – PBXCLOUD, this way, you will always have access to your phone system, no matter where you are located in the world.


When choosing a PBXCLOUD solution, you automatically get the full feature package from the start, there are no hidden fees or upgrade prices to access some features over others.

You may not be able to find a feature at first glance, however, we are always available to help you with this.

We are always welcoming in new opportunities and always listen to our customers' needs.

Service & Support included

We will undoubtedly help you set up your PBXCLOUD in cooperation wtih you. If there are any subsequent changes, you can always contact our customer support to make these changes – this is of course included free of charge.

As your business develops with more employees or locations, PBXCLOUD can be continually adapted to the number of users, IP phones, etc.

We will not make any commitment periods on these, and it is always possible to terminate these again within a short notice.


Keep track of your calls with a PBX Wallboard

This opens up for the opportunity to see a live status of your calls and get a full overview of your call queue groups.

Examples of what our Wallboard can show you:

  • Current waiting time
  • Number of calls in line
  • Average response time
  • Number of abandoned calls
  • Number of answered calls
  • User status