Hotel and Restaurant

Hotel and Restaurant

Hotel og restauration

When running a Hotel or a Restaurant, your telephone solution is crucial for the customer experience as well as the simplicity for the employee. All ingoing calls can be alpha omega for sales, as this is where the customer's experience starts begins.

With a Hosted Cloud PBX we have prepared a telephone system for the Hotel and the Restaurant industry, which contains many useful functions targeted at precisely Hotel and Restaurants. If you want to create interaction between different software solutions, we can also help. Many hotel and restaurant software integrations are already supported, in addition we offer an open API from which data can be communicated across the telephone platform to other software.

Room telephone system

Get a complete phone solution where room phones can also be managed, as well as being limited to only being able to dial a predetermined number, number type or a 3rd parameter that you yourself decide.

If guests are charged for the calls made, this data can be automatically transferred to most hotel systems.

Analog hotel phones? - no problem.

An existing analogue telephone system can easily be converted to a digital IP system, even without being costly. Often, there is a lot of money to be saved by rescheduling, rather than maintaining the operation of an analog telephone system.

  • Call history with statistics module
  • Guard/night phone with calendar management
  • Self-chosen call forwarding from room phones
  • Queue function with "call back" service
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Timed call forwarding for mobile


When choosing a Hosted Phone solution from COMTALK, you can safely concentrate on your core business and leave the telephony and its operation to us. You know exactly what it costs each month, without expensive surprises in terms of service, maintenance, licenses, etc.

Service and Support is also included in all our agreements, if you or your employee need assistance, you can always contact us by mail, phone or chat.

When you have a Hosted solution, it can always be scaled to more or fewer employees on an ongoing basis. You have a fixed price each month, as well as a user price. No extra costs or surcharges!

If you want to have even more freedom with your phone solution, you can combine it with your mobile phones. When you put together a telephone system at COMTALK, you can leave the mobile phones as a fixed part of the solution and keep all the known functions from an IP phone.