Microsoft Teams telephony

Telephony with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is a part of Microsoft's overall product suite under Office 365, which is a collaboration platform from Microsoft. The platform helps you and your employees share and communicate with each other, no matter what physical location you work from, all projects are always up to date.

If you work a lot in projects, the platform can help you keep track of all the tasks and give the right employee information about the individual project on an ongoing basis, and gather all the data in one feed.

In addition to sharing projects and files, the platform can also be used for phone calls, video meetings and much more.

What can I do with TEAMS?

Microsoft Teams erhvervstelefoni
  • Call channels
    Create a "forum" for each of your work areas, and keep the right colleagues informed about work tasks in this area. This channel may contain text, speech or files.
  • Planlæg møder
    Ønsker du at afholde et telefon eller videomøde, kan dette opsættes med Microsoft TEAMS, alle parter bliver informeret om datoen, kan gøre indsigelse eller acceptere mødet.
  • Include Telephony
    Integrate the company's telephony and receive your calls directly into TEAMS, no matter where in the world you are.
  • Task planner
    Keep track and get an overview of work tasks as well as hours spent in your workday.

You can read more about the TEAMS editions at Microsofts website.

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Microsoft teams chat


Communicate with your colleagues via Microsoft TEAMS chat function. All chat conversations happen in real time, and are instantly sent between the organization's employees who have been assigned to this chat channel.

The chat feature allows your employees to share relevant information for every project quickly and easily between the project participants. In the chat channel, files can also be shared for continuous editing by all participants.

Microsoft teams phone


With Direct Routing you can integrate COMTALKs PBX CLOUD with Microsoft TEAMS. Receive your calls directly in TEAMS and get all the well-known PBX features into your TEAMS platform at the same time.

With direct routing, Microsoft TEAMS can communicate with the outside world and third-party users who are not part of the company Office 365 platform.

Make outgoing calls from TEAMS just as you receive your incoming calls in the same TEAMS platform.

Microsoft teams conference


Have digital meetings in Microsoft TEAMS where you can share your screen with other participants, or present a presentation online. Do you need a more visual look, webcam can also be used by all participants.

All participants just need to have their TEAMS client open and ready, then they can participate.