Mobile Broadband

Mobilbredbånd til erhvervstelefoni

With mobile broadband you can get lightning fast internet, no matter where you are. If you are on the go, you can easily access the Internet with your mobile broadband.

Get started easily

Insert your COMTALK mobile broadband SIM card directly into your device or using a USB dongle. You will be online via the lightning fast 3G and 4G LTE network in no time.

Achieve speeds up to 80 Mbit/s when connecting to one of Denmark's fastest data networks!

What should I choose?

You should, of course, choose a mobile broadband package that contains approximately the amount of mobile data you need. It can be an advantage to keep an eye on whether you have the right package during your usage, as you can always upgrade or downgrade free of charge. However, you should always consider having a slightly larger package so you don't run out of data in the middle of the month.

If you work with larger files or stream a lot of movies and TV, you often use a lot of data - therefore you should choose one of the very large data packages for this.

REMEMBER; You can always upgrade or downgrade your mobile package, free of charge. The change occurs the same day you make the change.

Below you can see which mobile packages we can offer you. All packages include full access to 3G and 4G networks within Denmark and abroad.



7 GB

Usage within EU: 4 GB

SMS: 0.20 DKK/pcs.



15 GB

Usage within EU: 5 GB

SMS: 0.20 DKK/pcs.



30 GB

Usage within EU: 6 GB

SMS: 0.20 DKK/pcs.



100 GB

DATA: 100 GB
Usage within EU: 11 GB

SMS: 0.20 DKK/pcs.



200 GB

DATA: 200 GB
Usage within EU: 11 GB

SMS: 0.20 DKK/pcs.



Do you need to use your mobile broadband abroad? If so, find the prices for roaming here. If you have used up the included data, we will automatically shut down your data, you must then contact us to open up for data again. If this happens abroad, you will receive notifications about this in advance

Couldn't find the mobile broadband package you were looking for? You can always contact us and we will gladly look into tailoring a mobile broadband package for you.

If you want to combine your mobile package with a mobile broadband, we can already offer a number of mobile packages with permanently included data - depending on your needs. Read more about our mobile packages with high data usage here.