Conference phone

Conference call – Free for everyone

Gather all your colleagues, family or friends to a meeting regardless of their location in the entire world. By using COMTALK's conference phone you have the opportunity to create and join a conference, even though you are not a customer of COMTALK. You join an ongoing conference by entering your conference ID, which has been chosen by the organizer. Creating a conference takes less than a minute and is active for 24 hours from creation time. The only charge you receive is the regular conversation tax through your provider.

Tlf. 81 82 82 82

  • Choose your own ID
  • PIN protected
  • Conference ID is active for 24 hours
  • No creation charge
  • Regular conversation tax – for EVERYONE!

Internationale numre til samme mødetelefon

Danmark: +45 81828282
US: +1 954 2896139
UK: +44 2037691037
Sverige: +46 812112932
Tyskland: +49 4067529554
Polen: +48 221530660
Finland: +358 942727074

Creating a conference call:

Conference phone
  1. Call +45 81 82 82 82. Press 2 to create a conference call.
  2. After pressing 2, the system will ask for a conference ID that we recommend is at least 4 digits, this is to ensure safety.
  3. Await for the system to ask you to create a PIN code (press 1), or skip bypressing 2).
  4. Your conference is now active, and will be so for 24 hours

Join a conference call:

  1. Call +45 81 82 82 82. Press 1 to join an active conference
  2. After pressing 2, you will be prompted for an existing conference ID.
  3. If the conference call has a PIN code attached, you will be prompted to enter this.
  4. You will hear waiting music if you are the only one in the conference call. The music will stop as soon as someone else joins the conference.

Use COMTALK's conference phone

Have you been been looking for a way to gather people for a meeting, but have been met with complications due to your colleagues being out-of-office or out-of-country? Our conference phone will get rid of all those problems. Our conference phone is available for everyone, free of charge - simply create a meeting by calling our conference phone, and invite your colleagues, friends or family - anyone can join, as long as they have a phone.

A conference phone is a phone number you dial, enter a conference ID and password. Share these codes with the people who are supposed to join the meeting, giving everyone the ability to host a conference meeting regardless of location. Create a presentation by phone, pick a prioritized speaker and let people fill in with their opinions - completely free of charge, and you do not have to be a customer at COMTALK.
Save time and stop worrying about finding a date and time where all your colleagues are in the office, or being forced to update the colleagues who could not attend by mail by using COMTALKs conference phone.