Office 365

Skype for Business - tildel et eksisterende telefonnummer, og administrer opsætningen.

Office 365 – Skype for Business

Add the company simplicity with a reliable cloud-based telephony solution. The Office 365 phone system provides you with features such as: call forwarding, hold, drag calls, built-in answering machine with Exchange integration, and built-in encryption to keep the security at the highest class

With Office 365, your business is always online and securely located in the cloud. Office 365 makes it easy and accessible to access your workplace. With O365 you always have access to your emails, calendar, contacts and notes stored in a secure and encrypted cloud - access directly via your computer, tablet, smartphone or via a web browser.

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Office 365

All your files can be stored on your 1TB storage space in the cloud with OneDrive, where you as a user can share the files with others.

Your professional mail with 50 GB space, ensures that all your devices are always updated in real time via EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) with mails, calendar appointments and contacts wherever you are in the world - only requirements are Internet access.

With a Office 365 solution through COMTALK, are your co-workers and Office programs always available and updated, no matter where you work.
You avoid expensive license agreements and complicated updates, so both features and security will always be the latest.

As part of the Office 365 solutions, IT managers can easily and easily manage rules, standards, and information protection. All this can be implemented with just a few clicks.

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