Yealink T46s

Yealink T46s

DKK 1.499,00

Elegant IP phone from Yealink which gives you clear call quality and well-known functions such as call forwarding, conference call, call holding and much more. The colored display also gives you a clear overview over your colleagues and the features.

  • HD Sound Quality
  • 4,3″ farve LCD skærm
  • 10 Customizable function keys
  • Digital buttons
  • PoE (Power via Network)
  • 2x Gigabit network ports

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Sold with power supply.
By purchase of more than 5 devices, contact us for an offer.



The Yealink T46s is an IP phone with loads of featues built-in. The phone can be setup directly through our PBXCLOUD, where all settings, buttons and IP account can be setup with few clicks.

The phone has a colored display, which gives you a clear overview of the features, which can be setup to specific purposes, such as: BLF (presence status), time conditions, speed dial, login & out of queues and much more. The size of the screen and resolutions gives you a crystal clear display.

Funktioner med Yealink T46s

  • Call forwarding
  • Direct transfer
  • DND
  • Redial
  • Conference call
  • Custom ringtones

IP telephony is a modern form of telephony, where calls are being sent through the network, and reaches the desired destination. The fees are often lower than traditional phone taxes, due to the calls being set through the network digitally. Using digital telephony opens up for a whole new world of functions that COMTALK uses. Contact us to hear more about the options and possibilities that we can offer you.

Products that fit this product: Bluetooth dongle and WIFI dongle.

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What does IP telephony require?

For at kunne få Yealink T46s IP telefon til at “ringe ud” samt modtage opkald, skal der tilknyttes en “IP” telefon konto. hertil kræves det at telefonen skal tilsluttes en stabil internetforbindelse, hvor der er adgang til COMTALKs datacenter. Er du i tvivl om hvilket behov du har, eller ønsker vejledning til køb af IP telefoner, kan du altid kontakte vores kundesupport center på 69 90 69 00, eller sende os en mail, så hjælper vi dig til det bedste valg.

The phone can be moved or replaced wherever you need it, it is not physically tied to its location.

Use your IP phone with COMTALK's PBXCLOUD, and get even more out of your IP phone. Set up your own call flow, call groups, welcome messages and distribute your calls between employees so that you can provide the best service for your customers. With PBXCLOUD you can setup your own feature codes, that automatically performs an action that you have setup.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm