Call centers are very important to mange businesses in different sizes, and the quality of a call center and its belonging system kan be alpha and omega for the customers experience of the businss. This is why COMTALK would love to help you and your company with setting up the call center to your needs, so you can sell and offer service to existing and new customers.

We have a lot of expertise in regards to inbound and outbond traffic, and we have the availability to offer everything from traffic to the entire setup, with all the requiring hardware, software, traffic access and the service.


At COMTALK we supply call center setups to customers, that receive everything from 1,000 calls a day all the way up to 3,5 million calls a day. We supply solutions to customers all over the earth, and this has given us priceless experience with different customer types and supplying our customers with solutions to their needs.

Therefore, we would like to have a dialogue with your business about your needs and your call center, so that we can tailor an optimal solution for you, that will result in better customer satisfaction and potentially create green numbers at the bottom line.

In case you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you, then you are more than welcome to contact our consultant, Mads Mortensen at: +45 6990 6902 69 906 902.


We have the opportunity to set up multiple dialer systems depending on your need. We can deliver standard solution, hereby associated CTI, which allows your company to easily maintain incoming and outgoing calls via a computer desk.

We also have more advanced dialer systems, such as auto dialer, predictive dialer, which uses advanced algorithms to optimize your agents time on the phone, so the idle-timer is being reduced to allow more talk-time with your customers.