Telephony for Transport

Telephony for the Transport industry

Erhvervstelefoni til transport brachen
Business telephone for the transport industry

In a modern transportation business, the telephony and communication between the company's employees are extremely important and for many the source to receive orders, as well as execute them. At COMTALK we are committed to the industry and developed our telephony platform by listening to inquiries from industries such as the transport industry.

When you choose a COMTALK telephony solution for the transport industry, you get access to a wide range of functions from the start without extra costs.

With a transport wallboard you can always follow your colleagues and see the live status of the individual employee, as well as you can create a live overview of carriage number as well as phone numbers.

Possible features for the transport industry:

  • Wallboard overview, with live status of number of active calls, queue, available employee, etc.
  • Easy call transfer between employees
  • Statistics module for incoming calls
  • Queue function with "call back" service
  • Greeting messages at meetings, holidays or similar


Transport companies operating within and outside Denmark must be able to communicate with each other and to the company's central organization. At COMTALK we offer a number of mobile agreements that are set up for the transport industry. Wherever you're operating or moving, we have the product to follow your transport company's development for the future.

  • Tracking location
  • GPS control
  • Mail and message system
  • Alarm monitoring

In addition to contributing the trucks with communication SIM-cards, we can also offer a collaboration to the central office, so that all employees always have an overview of the employees in the individual trucks.

  • Wallboard overview, with live status of number of active calls, queue, available employee, etc.
  • Easy call transfer between employees locally or internationally

Do you have any special features that you want to be part of your transportation system? - please contact us at tel. +456990 6900, maybe it is already possible today, or it might be something possible in the near future.

Hosted PBX

When you choose a Hosted phone solution from COMTALK, you can safely concentrate on your core business, and leave the telephony and operation of this to us. You know exactly what it costs each month, without expensive surprises in terms of service, maintenance, licenses, etc.

Service and Support are also included in all of our agreements, if you or your employee need assistance, you can always contact us at mail, phone or chat.

When you have a Hosted solution it can always be scaled to more or fewer employees on an ongoing basis. You have a fixed price each month, as well as one price per user. No extra costs or surcharges!

Do you want to have even more freedom with your phone solution, then you can combine it with your mobile phones. When you put together a phone system at COMTALK, you can have your cell phones as a fixed part of the solution, and keep all the known features of an IP phone.

Highlighted features:

  • Mobile call forwarding
  • Holiday message
  • Call flow
  • Call forwarding
  • Statistics
  • Recordings
  • Voicemail