Would you like to try your hand at wholesale through COMTALK? In that case, we now offer two solutions that can help you get started. You can read more about the two solutions, PARTNER and WHOLESALE, below.


Choosing the PARTNER model would mean that you would be communicating and selling COMTALK's existing products and solutions like you know them today. Every time you get a sale, this triggers a commission for you.

Through the PARTNER model, you can sell all our various solutions, which include mobile solutions, SIP Trunks, hosted PBX and much more. In connection with the PARTNER model, we complement you with all the necessary material, just as we also would assist you in for example: meetings, demonstrations of products and more. This will result in you being well-dressed to deliver a sharp pitch for potential customers.

If you would like to hear more about one of our two wholesale solutions, please feel free to contact our wholesale consultant, Mads Mortensen, on tel. 69 906 902.


Through our WHOLESALE model you buy numbers and traffic through COMTALK, but you get the opportunity to assemble products, solutions and prices yourself, and you can run your own marketing, and invoicing independently, etc.

To be successful with this model, it is essential that you today have an existing customer database that you can build on, as well as a CDR-compatible billing system. If you want help with such a system, we would be more than happy to assist you with this.

It therefore works like this:

  • You choose your own prices, subscriptions etc
  • You handle the first line support
  • We handle the second line support
  • You communicate yourself to your customers, with your own logo, name (letters, invoices, reminders etc.)

While you focus on getting customers, servicing these, setting prices and optimizing sales, we will deliver:

  • Numbers for IP telephony and mobile
  • Access to IP and mobile networks (we use Telenor and Telia's award-winning network)
  • Moving numbers from existing provider
  • SIM-card with your own logo